Can you Handle the Truth?
Our Top Notch Private Investigators will not rest until they have found what they are looking for.
Hire our Security Professionals for a next Event.
It's better Safe than Sorry when it comes to
diffusing a situation before it becomes out of hand.


Key Factors

  • UnArmed/Armed Security Officers
  • Patrolling Armed Officers
  • TSI Marked Squad Cars
  • Maximum Visibility



  • Pre-Employment, Identity and Criminal Background Checks
  • Workers Comp Investigation
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Private Investigation

Expert Training

Training Tactics

  • Active Shooter
  • Firearms
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Counter Terrorist

Client Satisfaction:
TSI's Overall Security & Protection 94%
Client Satisfaction:
TSI's Successful Investigations 92%
Student Satisfaction w/ Training
Professionalism & Knowledge 97%
Client Satisfaction:
TSI's Professionalism 97%
Client Satisfaction:
Entire TSI Investigation 95%
Leadership & Skills Growth
Satisfaction of Growth 99%
Client Satisfaction:
TSI's Patrol Officers Response Time 92%
Client Satisfaction:
Entire TSI Reports 94%
Knowledge Improvement
Student Satisfaction with Mental Growth 95%

Our Opinion is Biased, take our clients word

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